Monday, November 19, 2012

ArtD 150 - Exercise 4:1 "Favorite Childhood Book"

It was hard to choose just one favorite...

So many influenced me but I kept coming back to this one.

The Story of Ferdinand
By Munro Leaf
Illustrated by Robert Lawson

I remember really relating to Ferdinand and it helped knowing that it is ok to not to participate in what everyone else was doing as long as what I did made me happy. 
I was always drawn to more peaceful characters and ones who where outcasts by choice.
I also LOVED the illustrations. Black and white illustrations where always appealing to me especially if they where done in a realistic way. 
So many children's books are simple but childlike in look... this one is simple but mature in the illustrations. It probably was one of the many that influenced me to draw too.

Below I've included the Disney cartoon... I like Disney's adaptation. 
Very close to the book... with some liberties. ;)

One of the other Illustrators that made a huge impact on me (but there are too many books to choose from) was Trina Schart Hyman . I thought I'd show you one of her drawings too.
Click on her name to see more... I love her illustrations of classic stories. 

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