Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Choice for Project 3

Whistler’s Mother

My artist is James Whistler... But I haven't decided between the top image and the lower one.
I like that he uses textures in his paintings and I think that is something I can really play with in photoshop.
I was thinking I could have some fun with both. Whistler's Mother I was thinking of a modern design - updating to current times and setting.

The White Girl 
I may put myself in her place and make it a bit dark- Holding a bloody knife and the rug being freshly skinned... I think Halloween has been influencing me there. ;)
I'll draw out a few ideas and take a few photos to solidify the choice this weekend.

Symphony in White no 1 (The White Girl) 

ArtD 150 - Exercise 4 "Hungry Caterpillar Painting"

Here is a little exercise from class today... :)

(I just want to remind you that caterpillars are not known for their spelling...)

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Steel Pulse" ArtD 150 - Sketches for Music Poster

My band is Steel Pulse. I drew out a few sketches and talked it over with a few people in class (Keith, Neil, etc). I was leaning toward the Victims image where I have graphic images of bodies layered and in various sizes. I was also interested in the Reggae Fever image since I thought it would be a fun colorful one... but I think the Victims design will be stronger. I'm going to have the main figure with a punch of color... and the word will have the Steel Pulse words positioned like a trademark symbol. I'm going to play around with the idea a bit more once I start moving it around in Illustrator. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

ArtD 150 - Exercise 2:3 "Tool Box"

Here are the tools I use. :)

Made out of shapes with Illustrator. Rasterized for the web.

Drawn from scratch- no tracing.