Sunday, December 11, 2011

Self Portrait

Grimacing Man (Self-Portrait)
Léopold Boilly Reproduction

Silly Me
Self Portrait à la Léopold Boilly

This project was a lot of fun. I had to create a self portrait reproduction of a famous artist and then one of my own- inspired by that self portrait.

A little about why I chose Léopold Boilly:

"He meticulously recorded facial details and gestures, and his depictions of costumes and textiles are fascinating as a chronicle of fashion. Boilly's paintings and drawings, often tinged with humor, showcase the artist's witty interpretation of urban life."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Adventures With Scratchboard


Two cockatoos becoming stars.

Rattlesnake Test

Small Flamingo

This semester I was able to play around with different styles and mediums...
We used scratchboards briefly. I like that scratchboard can be fast but it might be a while before I do any more...

In Class

These are portraits of some other students in my Head Drawing class.
We had to rotate about every 10 min to another student- in total these took roughly 30-40min each to finish. These are done with water soluble pencils on an 18x24 pad of sketch paper.
I haven't used these pencils before - I liked them!
I'm going to practice being bolder with them too....
They may be a new favorite to use in my sketchbook! :)
I only wish the students where lighted dramatically... we drew them without focused lights and I think the drawings would be more successful if we hadn't just used the current lighting in the classroom. Overall a fun experience!