Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watterson- Calvin & Hobbes

So this is the latest project I did for my Illustration class.
We had to do a popular figure with supporting characters portraying what they are known for and... make a money design!
Seems silly but I had fun with it. :)

I used microns and a brush to ink it... using LOTS and LOTS of dots! Ack! ;)
I'm not skilled with scanners (as you know) and the original is too big for my scanner. So I made a copy and scanned that... (I'll try to get a better quality pic up).
You can't see much of the detail and some of the black faded in the copy... but I wanted to share.

Update! - Watterson is sort of recluse and after Calvin & Hobbes he disappeared from the public.... But,... he's popped up somewhere.... HERE

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