Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some stuff to start me off....

So I'm finally kicking my butt into the blogosphere...
Here are a few things that I've done this past year (so far...).
I'll have more to say next time! ;)
Till then.... Enjoy!

This is a sketch for a project I did in school (My 1st digital illustration class). We where making our own Ghastlycrumb Tinies Illustrations.

The final colored version of the project ( M - is for Maud who was swept out to sea...).

My "Organic Mechanic Man"

More to come... ;)


  1. My god Claire you are great! So when are you geting a job with Pixar/Jim Henson so we can see your stuff on the big screen. I think you are totaly ready :)

  2. Thanks Mary! You're so kind!
    That would be an amazing thing. :)